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Six reasons to Intern and volunteer in Morocco

If you are looking to volunteer in Morocco or intern abroad you’ve come to the right place!

Morocco is Africa’s historic gateway. With sweeping deserts, gorgeous beaches, vast mountain ranges and narrow streets in every, village, town and city teaming with a rich and vibrant history, Morocco has some of Africa’s most fascinating and varied terrain.

Kaya offers fantastic volunteering and internship placements in Morocco’s charming capital city, Rabat.

With this in mind, here are just 6 reasons to consider volunteering or interning abroad in Morocco!

Intern abroad

Kaya work with a range of internship placements in Rabat, perfect if you are a student looking to intern abroad to gain invaluable experience alongside your degree. Or if you are a qualified professional in your field joining an intern abroad placement allows you to use your skills for good. From Medical, Journalism, Women’s Empowerment, Occupational Therapy to NGO Management, these internships are doing fantastic work to help communities in several different areas.

Volunteer in Morocco

Kaya also offers invaluable experience and fantastic opportunities for those participants looking to volunteer in Morocco and get into child development and teaching fields. In a country where only 53% of primary school students enrol onto secondary school, childcare volunteering in Morocco offers the chance to get local children engaged and excited about education from an early age. Meanwhile, the Teaching project gives you the chance to help teach either English, French or Spanish – perfect if you are passionate about language learning!

Outside of Morocco’s tourist centres

Volunteering in Morocco and interning abroad in Rabat, offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the authentic local culture where tradition meets modernity. Both Rabat’s Old and Modern Town’s are UNESCO World Heritage sites!


With influences from Berber, French, Arab and Jewish cultures, Moroccan food is full of different flavours and is a foodie’s paradise! From classic tagine and couscous, to spicy sardines, harira (a delicious lentil soup), and pastilla (a traditional Moroccan pie), not forgetting delicious sweets such as Briwat or Briouats, there’s something for everyone. The one constant is that Moroccan’s love their mint tea, which accompanies almost every meal!

In-country Support

Volunteers in Morocco receive fantastic in-country support from our friendly and knowledgeable local staff. You will be picked up and dropped off at Rabat-Salé Airport, and be provided with a cultural orientation and project induction at your chosen placement. Staff are also on hand to help you plan what you might like to get involved with during your free time on the weekends!


Morocco is easily accessible, especially for Europeans and has 90-day visa-free access for most nationalities, including for North American participants. If you are flying from the UK, flights to Rabat start from just £50 return!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Kaya’s Morocco country page today to see how you can get involved and help make a world of difference!