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How to get around in Accra, Ghana

First time travelling to Accra Ghana? You wonder how to get around and explore the busy city. Here are a few Kaya tips and a guide to get around in Accra easily:


Believe it or not, uber works well in Accra. Don’t expect a fancy “westernize” car or a chatty driver. All drivers are different. Some are very chatty and will share Ghanaian ways of life. Others will be chatting on their phone while driving you around. Also, be prepared as some of the uber cars can look a little rough and “beat up”. You will understand why when you get around in Accra and observe the way everyone drives… Uber is very cheap to use and will be a straight forward way to bypass negotiation…. Just be aware that some Uber drivers “trick” tourists by turning off their phones and asking them for more money than they would otherwise be paying should it be on. So make sure they have their phone on along the way. Also, Ghana is a cash economy, so make sure that your Uber app is defaulting to paying in cash instead of cards, as otherwise, you will get your rides cancelled by the drivers who like cash better than card payments.


Taxis are everywhere in Accra. You can recognize them by the yellow colour on each side. Taxis tend to be a little more expensive than Uber. However, before getting in the taxi, make sure you have negotiated the price with them. They will try to charge you a little more than it should cost you.


Trotros are shared drive for a fixed route where you can get off where you want. These are the cheapest way to get around. However, you have to wait that the van fills up and they are usually seating up to 11 people. They are not air-conditioned making it uncomfortable on hot journeys. However, this is the true Ghanaian way to get around in Accra.

Ford vans.

These vans are like Tro-Tros except that they cost a little more, but are more comfortable with air conditioning, which can be handy for long drives given the temperature you will be experiencing in Ghana. This method to get around in Accra is great if you are planning to go to Cape Coast.

Scheduled Bus Service.

STC or State Transportation Corporation is a safe way to get around in Accra and another way to go to another city from Accra. The transport fares are reasonable and the bus services are on a schedule, so no need to wait for it to fill up. Tickets need to be purchased in advance at the local STC office.

Regardless of which public transport you choose, all the above are safe and viable options that will allow you to explore Ghana despite the heat.

Scheduled on a Kaya placement and still not sure the best way to get around in Accra?

Feel free to contact our placement advisors who will be happy to advise you depending on where you are trying to go.

Always wanted to visit Ghana?

Kaya Responsible Travel offers a few placements in Ghana and our placement advisors would be happy to help you identify a volunteering or interning option depending on your interest.