Spring Break Volunteering

Spring Break is creeping up on us, the trees are starting to bud. And maybe you don’t have any volunteering plans for your spring break… yet. But we’ve still got places on our amazing Spring Break volunteering programs! So get them while they’re hot, and don’t miss out an amazing experience.

Question – do you like adventures, seeing new cultures, giving back to the community, and boosting that resume of yours? OK that was four questions. But we’re guessing the answer is YEAH I DO!

Join Kaya Responsible Travel for some alternative Spring Break volunteering – and grow as a person, soak up some Latin American sunshine, eat some hella good food, and get back in time for next semester!

What is alternative Spring Break volunteering we hear you cry?!

It’s your chance to travel with a purpose during your school break, and to make an invaluable contribution to a local community in a meaningful way.

These programs have been put together specifically for Spring Break volunteering!

If you love to travel abroad, consider yourself adventurous and would like to do something different as an add-on experience to your field of study, alternative spring break volunteering is for you.

You will experience the educational components of our projects including respect for others and their cultures, understanding the challenges facing millions of people every day, as well as learn the specific objectives of your chosen project. 

1. Costa Rica Spring Break Volunteering in the Community

Join us in San José for a week of spring break volunteering in the community. Help abandoned and underprivileged children in the city’s children’s homes and community centers. The centers offer assistance to poor families, and run various initiatives, providing support for education, nutrition programmes, and housing for teenage orphans. Spend your Spring Break helping others, while improving your Spanish.

2. Belize Spring Break Volunteering in Organic Farming

Travel to the incredible San Ignacio, and spend a week of your spring break volunteering on a community farm, cultivating sustainable organic food for a home that supports abused and abandoned children. The project uses traditional planting and irrigation methods, and keeps livestock including poultry, sheep, and goats. This spring break volunteering program is the perfect way to get your hands dirty, and to immerse yourself into the community and culture of San Ignacio.

3. Ecuador Spring Break Volunteering in the Community

Spend your Spring Break volunteering in Ecuador on this sustainable economic and community development initiative. The program supports 50 families preserving their cultural identity and community. Sustainable approaches including organic gardening, small-scale dairy processing factories, jam-making and ecotourism have helped to build sustainable livelihoods and manageable tourism. Be a part of something truly worthwhile and improve your Spanish.

Spring break volunteering is a wonderful way to encourage yourself to grow, to achieve, and to thrive outside of your comfort zone. You can meet new people, see new places, and learn and develop skills in a field that you are passionate about. And with Kaya you can do all of this, and know that you are making a real and valuable contribution to a sustainable volunteer project.

These are all things that make us more rounded people, more employable, and ultimately better global citizens. 

Get in contact with a Kaya Responsible Travel advisor today, and find out how you can make a world of difference…

Hope you found this blog interesting. To hear more about the projects that we offer please connect with one of our advisors using the chat now button, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.


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Spring Break Volunteering

Spring Break is creeping up on us, the trees are starting to bud. And maybe you don’t have any volunteering plans for your spring break… yet. But we've still got places on our amazing Spring Break volunteering programs! So get them while they're hot, and don't miss...