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Why volunteering can be a good option when traveling solo?

Are you dreaming of seeing the world but you are single and your friends are not as adventurous as you are? Traveling solo can be daunting for people. Some may think it’s too risky, and that it makes you that much more vulnerable. While others may think it’s unpleasant and depressing to experience cool things alone and not having anyone to share it with on the spot.

So if you want to travel, but don’t want to do it solo, then the best option is to volunteer! There are so many advantages to volunteering when traveling solo:

  • Your accommodation has already been pre-arranged, and your placement has been checked. So you know you will be safe and that someone is expecting you at destination and will be there in case of an emergency. So all you have to worry about is booking your plane ticket!
  • You will be given a job to do every day which will help you meet locals while helping the local community in need. It’s a great way to give back while making the world a better place for the future generations.
  • The local team will have weekend activities pre-planned for the weekends, so that you have the opportunity to travel and sightsee on our down time.
  • You will make new like-minded friends from all over the world. So you won’t be solo for long!
  • The experience will help you grow and gain the confidence you need. What a better way to discover yourself than by proving yourself you can travel solo?

Volunteering while traveling solo is a great way to travel with a purpose and make your next adventure a rewarding one!

With over 150 projects and 30 countries to chose from, don’t wait to contact a Kaya’s placement advisors and embark on your next solo adventure!