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Earth Day Focus and Competition: Environmental Education

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our week-long competition in collaboration with Incognito Bug Spray to celebrate Earth Day 2017! Earth Day is on the 22nd of April (this Saturday!) and campaigns to build a global community, fluent in concepts of climate change and its threat to our planet.

Today, we are focusing on environmental education and how this is such an important topic to focus on with our younger generations to educate them about the importance of our natural environment.

We think Earth Day is a great platform for people to educate others about issues related to climate change, carbon emissions, renewable energy and preserving the world’s biosphere. It’s also a great opportunity to inform people on how they can contribute their efforts to tackle these issues in their local ar eas. We also believe that introducing these issues early to youngsters, helps them understand from an early age the impact of their actions on the planet. UNICEF refers to children as “the agents of change”. At Kaya, we share this view and believe that empowering children with relevant education on their environment, and its importance, will contribute to a more sustainable evolution of their communities making them less vulnerable in the future and more resilient to issues like climate change. For example, simply educating children on the implications of littering, or the value of recycling will help contribute to the preservation of marine wildlife and the environment in general.

At Kaya, we have many projects geared toward the environmental education of communities around the globe. A great example is our Environmental Conservation and Community Empowerment project in Malaysian Borneo or working with Rescued Elephants, Reforestation and Rural Communities in Chiang Mai. Volunteers are needed for both reforestation work and to help to develop the environmental conservation programme for local schools.

We recommend you take Incognito Bug Spray with you whilst volunteering with us. It’s 100% natural and compact with its biodegradable formula clinically tested to provide 100% protection against Zika and malaria carrying mosquitoes. Incognito doesn’t use any pesticides or chemicals, unlike other insoluble environmental contaminants like DEET, it doesn’t pollute the world’s waterways, and kill aquatic wildlife. The water-based incognito anti-mosquito roll on is kinder on both your skin and the planet!

All incognito products are ethically manufactured and put the environment first, to ensure that while protecting you, they also protect the environment, using recycled or renewable source sugarcane plastic in its packaging AND donating 10% of profits to charity.


If you would like to be in with a daily chance of winning a sample for yourself, and be entered into the prize draw to win a hamper of Incognito products worth £62, then all you need to do is comment below answering this question:

What’s your favourite eco fact? Let’s see what we call can learn!

Don’t forget the check out yesterday’s post and look out for tomorrow’s post!

We will announce winners on Earth Day this Saturday! Good luck!

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