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Gold Winners at the African Responsible Tourism Awards 2017

Three of our projects have won a gold medal at the African Responsible Tourism Awards 2017 for Best Habitat and Species Conservation! This is fantastic news for Kaya and for those involved in each of these projects.

The winning projects are:

Conservation and Ecology Internship in the Swaziland Savannah

This internship is for those fascinated by wildlife and habitats. The research station focuses on monitoring, researching and analysing data on a range of species such as raptors, bats, reptiles, and ungulates, as well as recording variables about the habitats and vegetation.  There is a research centre manager, ecologist and biologist at the project, and Swazi and international interns often help provide extra pairs of hands to collect data and analyse results. This is a long-term research project with the aim of conserving the magnificent Savannah Ecosystem which you can be a part of while observing the glorious sunsets and the behaviour of some of Africa’s wildlife.

Marine, Whale Shark and Manta Ray Conservation including PADI Diving Course in Mozambique

The Marine, Whale Shark and Manta Ray Conservation Project consists of gathering field data on whale sharks, coral reefs, manta rays and other marine biodiversity. The data is used to to make recommendations for improving the conservation of marine life as well as creating general awareness about the marine environment. In recent months, the number of whale shark sightings has dropped and it is essential that the monitoring and conservation of marine habitats and wildlife continues to try to establish the cause of this change in behaviour. The project collaborates with a number of international marine research bodies including the Ecocean global whale shark database.

African Marine and Wildlife Volunteer Adventure Tour

This project allows you to have an incredible close up experience traveling and seeing species in their natural habitats on this African Marine and Wildlife Volunteer Adventure Tour.  You will learn about the underwater world and marine research in Mozambique and also gain an international diving qualification. In Kruger you will see the Big 5 and more such as the wild dog on a 5 day safari with field guides who share with you the challenges facing endangered and captivating species. In Swaziland, you will experience the savannah, monitoring species such as guinea fowl, tortoises, birds of prey, bats and more.

Make sure you check out each of these award-winning projects! You never know, you could be spending your summer 2017 alongside some of the world’s greatest wildlife.

If you would like to hear more information about these projects, or any of our other 150 projects for that matter, then you can request a call back from one of our placement advisors here.