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Student nurses in Belize – a letter from the faculty

We’re pleased to say that the student nurses from the Nursing Department at Harford Community College have had another successful trip with us!  Each year we receive nursing students from Harford Community College to do their practicum with us in Belize where they have the opportunity to carry out their rotations at a Belizean hospital.  Here is what their teacher had to say about their experience:

“I debriefed my students yesterday about their experience, and in my book it was another successful trip.  They enjoyed the hospital, working with the military that was there providing free care, and would have enjoyed the nursing conference they were offered if it hadn’t been a such long day before they were scheduled to leave.  I am appreciative they had these opportunities.  They couldn’t say enough nice words about Nancy and her family “adopting” them for 2 weeks, and that was their word because they said they truly felt like part of the family.  Meeting other students while they were there was an added benefit.  Apparently they are keeping in touch with Elloise from Scotland.

For me what was most important is that they felt the experience was life changing.  They both felt outside their comfort zone which they believed helped them grow.  They both recognized the disparity in resources between the 2 countries and verbalized how they are now much more conscious of resource use.  And they appreciated the culture:  the Mayan culture and its deep history, but also present day Belizeans’ outlook on life.  They were so impressed at the positive outlook of those who had little compared to them, and who didn’t stress out over the little stuff like Americans do.  When they went on to talk about worrying about boards and their first year as RNs, I told them to remember to go to their “Belize place” to take it all in stride.  I think that is going to be my new mantra

Thank you again for helping our students have this amazing opportunity that they have told me is life-changing.”

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