Whether you are considering a career in healthcare, already a student, or have already embarked on your career we are sure to have a healthcare and medical volunteer or internship project to suit you.

Healthcare and Medical Volunteering

Join us as a healthcare and medical volunteer and participate in ethical rewarding placements where you will learn as well as share your ideas, knowledge and experience with local practitioners.

What Can You Do?

At Kaya, we offer a variety of healthcare and medical placements. Do you want to support a local clinical team in a rural community or teach nutrition education to help improve the health of children? Or perhaps, work in a lab to help combat malaria and other infectious diseases? Do you want to experience how art, dance and equine therapies are used internationally?

Whether you are looking to satisfy an elective(s), a rotation, or a practicum, or just gain some work experience through an internship or volunteering opportunity, we are able to offer different options in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy or midwifery.

Available placements range from hospitals, rural clinics, and home visits to nutrition, health education and public healthSpeak to a placement advisor about your requirements, and let us find the best options for you!

Who Should Consider a Healthcare and Medical Placement?

Those of you studying or experienced in the fields of nursing, medicine, laboratory work, nutrition or therapies should consider joining a healthcare and medical volunteer and internship placement. Healthcare and medical volunteering in a developing country is invaluable and inspiring. It gives you the opportunity to take away ideas that you can share with your healthcare team at home.

Whether you are a senior medical student, a pre-med student or just thinking of studying medicine, you will find appropriate placements working alongside local professionals in a variety of countries.

By speaking to a Kaya advisor and sharing your expectations, our placement team can identify the best opportunity for you.

The Benefits of Doing your Medical Placement Abroad

Working abroad in medical and health sectors can be very rewarding and eye-opening as you move along in your career. Below are a few benefits of doing your placement abroad:


Experience differences between the standards of medical practice in the developing world and your home country.


Expand your professional network by creating lifetime connections in your field.


Discover new techniques and methods used abroad.


Confront different illnesses and treatments, not commonly experienced at home.


Learn how different customs play an important role in the practice of medicine.


Build your CV by showcasing your new skills, new language acquisition and cross-cultural aptitude.


Overcome cultural challenges and master flexibility, as the conditions you will be working on will be very different from home.


Have fun discovering a new country and experiencing a new culture.


Observe how teams work together in resource-stretched settings and, depending on your qualifications and training, participate with routine tasks and healthcare provision.


Help make a difference by providing an extra pair of hands in settings that struggle with limited resources and staff.

medical volunteer on a project

Experienced Medical and Healthcare Individuals

If you have healthcare training and experience, you are highly sought after to assist with capacity building of the local healthcare setting and the staff in some of our locations. In line with international practices, you will need to register with the designated medical council pertaining to the country you will travel to.

We can help you with the local requirements, once you have discussed your expectations and skills with a Kaya placement advisor using the button below.

medical volunteer on a project with a baby

Medical and Healthcare Students

If you are looking for an elective or a practicum to complete specific goals supporting your studies, Kaya has a suitable placement for you. For a small fee of £35 / $61, we can find a placement in one of our destinations that matches the requirements of your university course.  

If you want to learn more, please contact one of Kaya’s experienced placement advisors using the button below.


Medical and Healthcare Ethical Stance

At Kaya, we take ethics very seriously. We ensure that our placements are meaningful for the participants and the local communities in which we work. We uphold the principle of “do no harm” to protect the rights of the patients, while working with the best practices in international healthcare to support local medical workers. Read our ethics section to learn more about best practices and ethical considerations in international healthcare volunteering.

To read more about Kaya’s approach to ethical practices in medical and healthcare volunteering and internship placements | Download here.

Whatever your experience level, join a Kaya healthcare project today, and provide overworked staff, patients, and communities with an extra pair of hands; meanwhile developing your own skills and competencies for the benefit of your healthcare career.

Our Healthcare volunteer projects

Semester Study Abroad and Service in Peru
Combine study abroad and volunteering for a semester in Cusco, Peru.
Healthcare, Community & Hospital Volunteering in Kenya
Medical and Healthcare Internship in Vietnam
Develop your practical and theoretical skills as a professional on this Medical and Healthcare Internship in Vietnam
Speech Therapy Internship in Peru
Intern in Cusco for a social centre that supports young mothers
Dentistry Internship in Ghana
Our dental placement in Ghana is based in a hospital in Accra, supporting dentists as an intern
Summer Study Abroad and Service in Peru – Health and Nutrition Track
Combine study abroad and volunteering this summer in Cusco, Peru.
Occupational Therapy Internship in Vietnam
Develop your practical and theoretical skills as a professional on this Occupational Therapy Internship in Vietnam at a recovery centre
Social Work Internship in Vietnam
Come and join us in an NGO in Ho Chi Minh city and develop your CV/Resume and work skills on this Social Work Internship in Vietnam
LGBTQ NGO Development Internship in Thailand
Join our LGBTQ NGO Development Internship in Thailand and develop your understanding of this community and provide hands on support
Community and Environment Facilitated Research Internship in Southern Africa
Join our Facilitated Research Internship in Southern Africa and develop your paper in a stunning context
Nutrition Internship in Swaziland
Develop and share your knowledge of healthy eating, cooking methods and the impact of diet on childhood development and growth by joining this nutrition internship in Swaziland.
Medical Internship at a District Hospital in Chiang Mai
Use your medical training and join an internship at a district hospital in Chiang Mai and learn about healthcare provision in Thailand.

Easy 3-step application process


Click here to apply online and pay your deposit to secure your space on your chosen project. Our advisors will then contact you to guide you through the next steps.


Once we’ve received your application, we’ll be in touch to arrange your informal telephone interview with your Kaya Placement Advisor.


When you’ve been accepted onto your project we’ll send you your Welcome Pack and lots of other helpful information to assist you with preparing for your placement.


We pride ourselves on providing you high quality placement information throughout your application process and whilst on the ground. Connect with us if you have any questions.

Chat with a Kaya Advisor

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