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Fully Funded Experiences of a Lifetime

We’re honored to be a part of the UK government’s Turing Scheme programme, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our amazing team. Our Turing programming is one of many ways we’re working to inspire inner transformation and the development of more global citizens through travel.

What is the Turing Scheme Programme?

The Turing Scheme Programme is part of the UK’s global programme to support work and study abroad. Its goal is to provide students with the chance to connect with their peers from different cultures and backgrounds in order to broaden their horizons and ultimately evolve into more educated and compassionate global citizens.

How We’re Getting Involved

We’re incredibly grateful to be one of the awardees of the prestigious Turing Scheme grant funds in 2023. This year we have 23 programmes, 450 students, and 50 staff members involved in the Turing Scheme!

Through Kaya’s fully funded programmes by the UK government’s Turing Scheme, students have “the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and practical skills, while learning about different cultures and environments” in multiple locations across the globe, including Ecuador and Zambia.

2023 Turing Scheme Programmes

Now that our 2023 programmes are fully underway and some Turing Scheme participants have actually returned from their time abroad, we’ve seen their transformation come to life and heard their praises of this extraordinary programme opportunity.

One of our participants from who just returned from Zimbabwe with UTC South Durham shared how his mind was opened during his programme:

“Before I came I was nervous with what to expect but from touch down in Kigali to where we are now I have realised that the communities around us are all one family, everyone looks out for everyone and that’s something everyone should aspire to be like. Not an unhappy face from Harare to Antelope Park, [there was] a friendly atmosphere throughout the whole stay. Seeing the towns of Africa first hand has given me something that not many people will ever get to experience or understand.

I think that my mind has become a lot more open after visiting the cultures and travelling through Zimbabwe. It has also allowed me to feel more appreciative of the things that I have back home. But it has given me a mindset for life to see the happiness the children and the people the families have with so little. The bigger picture which has been shown whilst here I will keep for life and continue to pursue forever.”

children in Tanzania

Partnering with Key Institutions

We’re continuing to work with a number of universities to expand the reach of the Turing Scheme programme, and give more students the life changing opportunity to join a Kaya programme abroad. In April, Kendal College had over a dozen students join a programme in Ecuador that involved doing fieldwork related to Amazon wildlife conservation, permaculture, and sustainable land management, and another seven students joined African savannah ecology fieldwork in Eswatini.

One of our other university partners, Aston University, had students travel in Zambia earlier this year. Erfan Abbasbashi, one of their students who participants, had many positive thoughts to share about the experience:

“This has been the best experience I have ever experienced, from the beginning I have loved it. All the staff are very welcoming and amazing, the activities we have done have been great and beneficial, the people I have met along the way have been the greatest people I have ever met. I feel like I have found friends for life from this experience.”

Even academics at the schools we work with have raved about the experiences their students have had on our Turing Scheme funded programmes, which makes us even more determined to continue growing this programme.

Learn More About Our Turing Scheme Programmes

We have plenty more programmes set up that are ready to accept applications for Turing Scheme participants this year, like Plant Ecology in South Africa, Ecuador, or Kenya and Construction in Zambia, Ecuador, and Peru.

If you have any questions about the Turing Scheme or how Kaya Responsible Travel is introducing students to life-changing experiences abroad, reach out to us!


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