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A Month-by-Month Guide On When to Travel to Belize

What’s the best month to visit Belize and why?

Belize, the beautiful country on the eastern coast of Central America, is full of amazing things to do and experience. Whether you’re exploring the jungle or diving in the Caribbean Sea, Belize is rich in Latin island culture.

If you have a trip coming up, you’re probably wondering what the best time to go to Belize is. To immerse yourself fully during your trip, it’s a good idea to plan it based on the type of experiences you’re looking for or activities that interest you. With years of experience running volunteer and internship programs in Belize, we’ve become somewhat experts on Belize tips for travelers! Here is our month-by-month guide and tips for traveling to Belize.

man drawing on ground with chalk

February: For the Art Lovers

El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro is a 150 year old traditional festival similar to Mardis Gras. The festival marks the start of lent and is one of the most important folklore celebrations. The festival celebrates the Mestizo culture and the streets are filled with creativity, bright colors, carnival outfits and performers. You can expect bright face paint, dance competitions and loud parties, something the whole family can enjoy!

Every year, the last Saturday in February is when downtown Belize turns into a celebration of color, culture and art during the Street Art Festival. If you love art in all its forms, the best month to travel to Belize for you is February.. With talented street performers, music and dance groups, food stalls and live entertainment, there is so much to take in and experience.

You can take your trip to the next level by getting involved in volunteer programs in Belize. Kaya’s Enchanted Forest Art Therapy Program runs all year round and is the perfect opportunity to explore the community if you’re visiting Belize in February for the art festivities.

whale shark underwater in Belize

March: For Sea Explorers

You can pretty much dive in Belize all year round, but the sea is much calmer from March until June. During this time you can meet some of the most beautiful sea animals, including the gentle giants of the ocean; the whale shark. Baron Bliss day is a national holiday to honor Baron Bliss, a philanthropist that sailed to Belize and left almost two million dollars for the country, becoming Belize’s biggest financial benefactor and national hero. It’s celebrated by fishing, harbor regattas and more canoe races!

If you’re planning a trip to Belize and love the sea and all of its mystery, then March is the best month to visit Belize for you. In the spirit of Baron Bliss, you too can explore the shores this March and fall in love with the Caribbean Sea.

Other Activities in Belize in March:

  • La Ruta Maya Canoe River Challenge – 26th of March
    • A four day 179 mile long canoe race along the Macal and Belize Rivers.
  •  San Ignacio Easter Fair – 26th – 27th of March
    • Two fun filled days celebrating the Easter holiday music games and sports, something especially exciting if you have children.
Beach huts on white sandy beach pier

April: For Those Who Want to Feel the Heat

If you love the heat, Belize is the perfect place for you to travel to in April, all the way to June. Typically, the weather in Belize is hot all year round, however, the temperatures really rise during their dry seasons. In April, there will be nothing but clear skies and the sun dancing on crystal clear waters! 

The people of Belize gather to celebrate the Easter tradition of  ‘Semana Santa’ – Holy Week in April. For those who celebrate Easter, Holy Week is a time to reflect on the story of Jesus’s betrayal, death and celebrate his resurrection. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, people flock the streets for a week full of religious reenactments, decorating the streets with colorful sawdust carpet art and festive atmosphere! Since the schools are closed during the easter weekend, a lot of people enjoy spring break on the beaches and dancing the night away at parties and events across the island. This just might be the best month to travel to Belize, and definitely the best way to explore how Belizeans celebrate Easter! 

Kaya’s Belize spring break organic farming volunteer program is a unique activity to add to your trip to Belize in April. This weeklong volunteer program in Belize includes the opportunity to work on an organic farm, cultivating sustainable food for a home that supports children in need. You probably never imagined that during your visit to Belize you could contribute to sustainable food access and nutrition initiatives! Volunteers gain not only valuable cultural insight into the country, but also join in on the opportunity to work with the local Belizean community and make a difference towards their cause.

Other activities in Belize in April:

  • San Pedro Lagoon-Reef Eco-Challenge – 24th – 25th of April
    • A kayak race in Ambergris Caye.
  • Cross Country Classic Bicycle race – 24th – 25th of April
    • Western highway, circles around a park in San Ignacio and returns to a dramatic finale in Belize City.
beach huts on belize sandy beach

May: For Those Who Want to Beach the Crowds 

May to November is Belize’s low tourism season, due to July and October being the rainy season. If you like traveling during seasons that have fewer crowds, connecting with locals and experiencing the island in its calm moments, then you should consider traveling to Belize in May.

Traveling in off-peak seasons is a great way of exploring on a budget too, since prices of restaurants and bars return to normal, not to mention there will be cheaper flights and accommodation. However, traveling in the low seasons also has many sustainable benefits, such as less mass consumption and waste, meaning key resources are spread across fewer people. Air pollution and waste also decreases, easing some of the pressure off the environment.

May is also a great time to get to know the local community by joining a volunteer program in Belize. If you have a medical background, you could work in a hospital or clinic.

Other Activities in Belize in May:

  • Chocolate Festival of Belize in Toledo – 20th – 22nd of May
    • Cacao is native to Belize and the Toledo district in Southern Belize is especially known for its high quality chocolate made from its cacao.
  • Crooked Tree Village and Cashew Nut Festival – 6th – 8th of May
    • A fun food and wine event whilst listening to live music.
raindrops falling on tropical leaves

August: For Those Who Love The Rain

When it rains in Belize, it pours! If you love the tropical rain then you will love the weather in Belize in August. August is known as the ‘little dry season’ by Belizeans due to the small break in showers throughout the afternoon. As you can imagine, tourism drops to an all time low during the wet months from August to November, and many locals begin to monitor the weather for hurricanes. However, even with all of the rain, you can experience the beauty of Belize through integrating with the community.

One opportunity to do just that, is the Costa Maya Festival in Ambergris Caye, which is a week-long celebration and international Beauty Pageant with beauty queens from countries surrounding Belize, like Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica. Activities include volleyball, dance performances and shows by local musical artists.

Kaya’s Dance Therapy in Belize volunteer program runs the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month in a community youth center in San Ignacio, and is the perfect option for August travelers. With more rain on a daily basis, indoor events are important to keep the island morale high!

Other Activities in Belize in August:

  • Tres Pescados Slam Tournament 12th-15th of August
    • The largest fly fishing tournament in Belize is held in the tournament’s birthplace; San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The competition puts emphasis on the protection of the tarpon, bonefish and permit, three species of fish that are considered vulnerable.
  • La Fiesta de San Joaquín 17th -19th of August
    • The biggest event the village of San Joaquin hosts. The fiesta is in celebration of the village’s patron saint, San Joaquin. The party is open to the public and any travelers who find themselves in Belize!
garifuna drummers at celebration

November: For Culture Enthusiasts 

November is one of the best months to visit Belize if you love immersing yourself in new cultures. Each year on the 19th of November, the people of Belize celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day. This important part of Belize history marks the arrival of the Garifuna people onto the shores of Belize in 1802. And if you haven’t already guessed, the Belizeans love week-long festivities, celebrating this date for one whole week, especially in Dangriga, where the Garifuna initially landed. The week involves parades, live music, dancing, traditional drumming and prayers. It is quite the celebration! If you love learning about new cultures and you’re trying to decide when to travel to Belize, this might be the ideal time for you.

Kaya’s Music Access and Development program for school children in Belize is a great way of getting to know the local culture by teaching children in a small town in Belize. You won’t find a better way to experience the culture than by volunteering in Belize.

So What Is The Best Month To Travel To Belize?

It really depends on your own preference, if you prefer higher temperatures and love cultural events and fiestas, then travel to Belize from February to June.

December and January are expensive for tourists, due to the festive season, and still have a little rain, but if you’re looking to have a tropical winter, then Belize is still a great option.

If you don’t mind a little tropical rain and prefer to travel during the quieter months, traveling to Belize from June to October is best for you.

If you are looking to explore the jungles, avoid September and November due to heavy rainfall and muddy conditions. If you’re looking for some experience in the jungle, check out Kaya’s wildlife science and conservation internship and catch sight of some jaguars, parrots and monkeys.

Our Best Belize Travel Advice

Consider Volunteering Holidays & Internships in Belize

Kaya offers a selection of internship and volunteer opportunities in Belize throughout the year that offer any traveler the change to truly experience paradise. Check out our full list of programs to find a program that will align with any of your Belize travel dreams.

Check Out Our Program Reviews and Testimonials

We feature our volunteer’s travel stories on the Kaya Blog, so you can read some of our volunteers’ testimonials about their trip to Belize to get a better idea of what to expect! 


Belize Travel Tips

  • Plan your trip ahead – if you’re planning a trip to Belize, you will want to plan ahead so you can fit as many fun activities in as possible and schedule in travel time via boat or buses.
  • Pack light – regardless of the rainfall during the wet months, Belize has a high temperature all year round. 
  • Bring A/B/G plug adapters – depending on where you are in Belize, you will need either an A or B plug adapter, or in some places, a G plug adapter.
  • Use environmentally friendly SPF – If you’re planning on diving in the many reefs surrounding the islands, use a reef safe sunblock to keep the beautiful barrier reefs protected. 
  • Travel with some cash – If you’re planning on traveling to Belize whilst they celebrate Easter or the Garifuna Settlement, remember to take some cash with you, as banks usually shut during these weeks and ATMS can run out of cash.

Belize FAQs

What month does it rain in Belize?

The rainiest month by far is August. When the temperatures rise in Belize, so does the humidity meaning there is more chance of rain during the following months:

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • November

Is Belize safe to travel?

We know traveling to another country can be daunting, so it’s nice to know how to be safe in Belize. Always check government website advisories before traveling for any country-specific restrictions or trusted sources like travelsafe-abroad. We recommend doing the following to stay safe:

  • Avoid getting too drunk – this is the best way to stay out of trouble with the law in Belize.
  • Be cautious carrying your bags and never put your wallet or phone in your trouser pockets. This is especially important when you are roaming through the busy streets where pick-pockets tend to gather.
  • Try to keep in groups and don’t walk alone, especially at night.
  • Read our safety blog to learn more about staying safe when you travel or volunteer abroad!

Do you need to know Spanish to travel to Belize?

It’s good to know some basics in Spanish before you travel, however it is not completely necessary.

If you’re looking to join any of Kaya’s programs in Belize, a minimal level of Spanish is recommended as it is not guaranteed that members of the local community will speak English. If you’re looking to improve your Spanish skills, volunteering in Belize is a perfect way to do just that; there really is no better way to learn a language than to submerge yourself in the culture and the community.

Is Belize expensive?

Only if you travel during the busy and high tourist season. Many hotels and restaurants increase their prices during December to April. So if you’re wondering when to visit Belize on a budget, travel in May, then you won’t need to save extra money to take with you. Booking in low tourist seasons means accommodation and eating out will be less expensive

If you’re looking to take part in Kaya’s volunteer projects in Belize, you can also create a fundraiser through websites like GoFundMe to help you pay for your trip.

Hope you found this blog interesting. To hear more about the projects that we offer please connect with one of our advisors using the chat now button, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.

This blog was written by Kayleigh Irvine


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