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A-Level Results? Here’s What To Do Next!

A-Level Results Day can be a big day for many students that want to embark on a career path straight from school. For other students, it might be scary not knowing what to do next. Like all big changes, leaving school can be daunting and even more scary when you did not get the results you were expecting.

Do you have your results, but don’t feel quite ready to take on further education? Do you feel as though you should take a break from academic learning and see the world? All of your thoughts, feelings and opinions are valid. If you’re looking for some inspiration for what to do after receiving A Level results, here are a few ideas to help you decide what to do next! But first, let’s have some real talk.

Failing Isn’t The End Of The World 

What if you didn’t get the results you needed? Please don’t worry. It might feel like the end of the world, but we’re here to tell you that it is quite the opposite!

Finding another way to explore the world of work could be the start of something completely new and exciting – like pressing reset on your life! When it comes to what to do after bad A Level results, there are no rules; pursuing further studies is a choice, and not everyone wants to go to college or university. If you did want to further study and don’t match the criteria, this does not mean you are a failure. There are more ways to get to where you need to be, and travelling abroad might just be the perfect thing at this moment in time! 

Reach out to our helpful advisors who can guide you in finding the perfect next step if you want to travel.

What to do After A Level Results are in

As the anticipation fades and the outcomes settle in, a new chapter of possibilities unfolds. the following few few steps can help you make the most of this moment – if you are over the moon, a little disappointed or stuck on what to do next.

two interns dancing at sunset on the beach

Expand Your Horizons & Intern Abroad

Internships are a gateway like no other to gain insight into a career to either complement your university studies or to help you gain experience in place of any degrees. Interning abroad gives you new perspectives, a clearer sense of direction in the field or job position you would like to pursue, and most importantly – life experience! Any practical experience given in internships, along with a diverse set of skills is extremely beneficial for those entering the field you’re interested in.

If you don’t have a clear career set in mind, check out the 10 best industries for internships and Kaya’s best internships available this fall to help you make your decision much easier! 

volunteer working on a sustainable energy project in uganda posing with a solar panel

Help Create An Impact & Volunteer

Volunteering and giving something back isn’t just an empowering and gratifying experience, but also a very powerful journey to embark on after school. If you didn’t exactly hit the marks on the head, choose a volunteering program that reflects your interests and enhances the skills needed in your chosen career path and voila – you’re one step closer to doing what you love. Not to mention the impact you’re helping create along the way.

Even if you’re jumping for joy at your university offer, consider stepping away from the textbooks and exploring some of life’s very own lessons before you jump back to where you left off! Your volunteering experience could open you up to a variety of perspectives and broaden your knowledge in a meaningful way – and even open up career paths that you might not have considered before.

two volunteers in Kaya t-shirts in Costa Rica

Discover Your Passions & Embark On A Gap Year

Gap years are not only for those who have secured a place in university and want to travel for a year. Gap years are for everyone. Starting your gap year planning could just be the perfect thing to do after receiving A-Level results. Take the chance to find your passions, recharge your desire to learn by learning about other cultures and meet new people.

Whether you’re set to begin your degree, delve into the world of work, or you’re still figuring some things out – a gap year could be the catalyst to your future success! Volunteering on your gap year is yet an even better way to spend your time abroad and if you’re considering going on a gap year, Kaya knows all the best reasons why you should volunteer during your gap year. Academia isn’t for everyone, and it is no surprise that for many, their stories just began outside of school or university.

See what you can discover about yourself and take that jump! A short call with one of the Kaya team members can calm any nerves, so get in touch today

A Level Results Day Is Only The Beginning

Embrace the journey ahead!  There’s no rush to a job or career straight after receiving your A-Levels. You have time to see the world and get to know yourself a little better, find out what you enjoy and what inspires you, learn new cultures and meet new people – create a bigger story for yourself. Your A-Level results don’t write the story of your future, you do.

Whatever you want to achieve in life, you can reach your goals, and experiences like internships, volunteering abroad and gap years will help you get there. Figuring out what to do after A Level results starts with one adventure at a time!

Feel free to reach out and talk through your options after receiving your A-Level results – the world is your oyster! 


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