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10 Best Internships For This Fall

As a student or recent graduate, you will be torn between spending any chance you can get to find a job within your field or jetting off to see the world. Well, luckily for you, you can do both with fall internships abroad!

Why Fall Internships Are A Good Idea

Why intern abroad and not at home? There are multiple internship benefits. For starters, interning abroad can broaden your horizons by giving you the chance to get to know people from all over the world and live in another culture. You’ll be able to learn a lot more about yourself and the field you’re learning about during a fall internship abroad, which just can’t compare to staying at home.

Another reason why you should consider an internship for fall 2023 is that it will give you leverage in bagging your dream job in a competitive market! Nowadays, many employers prefer candidates with international experience, so do an internship abroad this fall and you’ll check that box right off.

And last but not least, can you think of a better way to earn credit for your degree than by travelling abroad? We bet you can’t! 

If you’re convinced an internship abroad should be your next step, then read on for a virtual tour of just some of our available internships for fall 2023 (and then check out our full list of internship opportunities for even more!).

What Are the Best Fall Internships for 2023

Kaya offers numerous internships for fall in an incredible 33 countries, across 4 continents. There’s a reason why we have been nominated for the best program matching organisation for 12 years in a row! Let’s take a look at some of our best internships for fall 2023, for each academic field.

intern with hands in the air on a beach in font of the sunset

    1. Marine Conservation Internship in Thailand

This fall, jet off to the idyllic Thai island Koh Tao for a marine conservation internship! This fall internship is perfect for those who currently or have previously studied sustainability, marine biology, zoology or animal sciences.

Interns will not only gain practical experience on the paradise island Koh Tao, but they’ll also gain an internationally recognised diving certificate from PADI diving.

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    intern with colleagues at Vietnam temple

2. NGO Business Development in Vietnam

Looking for business internships for fall? Interning at an NGO in Vietnam as a business development intern is a great way to explore the world of business and explore the actual world. Having hands-on experience abroad is a great skill to have on your resume as many employers seek candidates with experience, however, the real bonus comes from working with a local NGO. Working with a business that helps the local community in Vietnam is sure to be a rewarding experience with Kaya.

This fall internship in business development is ideal for students studying finance, marketing, tourism and hospitality.

Browse for more Business & Management

intern taking a picture of the sights abroad

 3. Political Science Internship in Belize

If you’re an avid writer, journalism student or media and communications student, then this political science internship is one of our best fall 2023 internships for you! The benefits of this fall internship are endless. Take advantage of your time in Belize, support a local political party’s campaign on the weekdays, and go snorkelling on the weekends. Can you think of a better way to spend your fall? Didn’t think so!  

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4. Medical Internship in Morocco

You could be living in Morocco and interning at local hospitals this fall. For any student studying medicine, healthcare, midwifery or biology, this could be the fall internship for you. Getting to know another culture and its health system is extremely beneficial for any med student searching for that graduate dream job. Get to experience your weekends in the Moroccan markets and spend your weeks shadowing and studying alongside professionals.

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intern with camera on the masai maara safari

  5. Photography Internship in South Africa

Studying photography, film and tv or art and design? Passionate about travel and life through the lens? Our photography internship in south africa is just one of our inspiring internships for fall 2023. This internship will help fill your portfolio with unique photos like no one else in your class! Learn whilst you bask in the glorious South African sun!

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volunteer playing connect four with kid

6. Early Childhood Development in Eswatini

This early childhood development project in Eswatini might be the perfect fall internship for students studying; education, social work, anthropology or behavioural sciences. Take part in an amazing initiative in Eswatini and learning how care systems work in another country will put you ahead of any competition for job openings. Make an impact during your studies and gain practical experience within communities that need it most!

Browse for more Education, Social Work & Psychology internships

intern presenting in meeting room in ecuador

    7. Social Justice in Ecuador 

Our social justice internship focuses on helping those from communities that are often treated unequally in Ecuador. Seeing first-hand the inequalities that some communities face and working with an NGO to help will be a valuable experience that you will take with you through your career.

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  Ecuadorian forest from the top of the hill

8. Fair Trade Internship in Ecuador 

What better way to study food security, farm management, agriculture or horticulture than interning in one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet? Gain experience like no other during your fall internship in the Ecuadorian rainforests with farmers, ensuring fair pay and environmental sustainability. 

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Uganda Participants with Community

  9. Environmental Protection in Uganda

If you’re looking for internships for the fall with an impact and study environmental science, earth sciences, sustainability or biology, then you might be interested in the environmental protection internship in Uganda. Gain hands-on experience within the local Ugandan communities and promote the utilisation of environmentally friendly energy using sustainable development.

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physiotherapy office

    10. Physiotherapy Internship in Ghana

Work with the Ghanaian community and sports institutions to help local patients’ conditions that reflect the common health problems in Ghana, including strokes, car accidents and machinery injuries. What makes this fall internship especially beneficial for your degree is that it offers hands-on (literally) experience combined with international experience!  

Browse for more Sports Science & Recreation internships

Where To Go For Fall 2023 Internships?

For all you change-makers looking for an exciting way to spend next semester, you can browse our internships for fall across a range of global locations. Whether you’re considering an environmental conservation internship, a social work internship, or something completely different, there are multiple internship destinations just waiting to be explored!


Explore Fall Internships 2023 By Continent

africa continent silhouette isolated on map

Fall Internships in Africa

Intern in Botswana

Intern in Eswatini

Intern in Ghana

Intern in Kenya

Intern in Morocco

Intern in Mozambique

Intern in Namibia

Intern in South Africa

Intern in Tanzania

Intern in Uganda

Intern in Zambia

Intern in Zimbabwe

asia continent silhouette isolated on map

Fall Internships in Asia

Intern in Australia

Intern in Borneo

Intern in Cambodia

Intern in India

Intern in Nepal

Intern in New Zealand

Intern in the Philippines

Intern in Sri Lanka

Intern in Thailand

Intern in Vietnam

latin america sihouette isolated on map

Fall Internships in Latin America

Intern in Belize

Intern in Brazil

Intern in Cayman Islands

Intern in Costa Rica

Intern in Ecuador

Intern in Jamaica

Intern in Peru

Is It Too Late To Apply For A Fall 2023 Internship?

Nope, you’re in luck! We offer internship opportunities all year round and have a range of internships for fall 2023, including ones that you can apply for at the last minute.

If your academic field isn’t listed above, get in touch with us and our advisors can match you to a project that suits you best! 

Intern abroad with Kaya, the responsible travel expert.

Hope you found this blog interesting. To hear more about the internships that we offer, please connect with one of our advisors using the chat now button, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.

This blog was written by Kayleigh Irvine


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