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3 Amazing Benefits of Virtual Internships

Although virtual internships can’t replace travel in the real world (feeding rescued elephants doesn’t really translate to Zoom!), Kaya’s virtual internships in Ecuador, Morocco, South Africa, Vietnam and Thailand are unique and valuable in their own right. In fact, our virtual internships have three key benefits that might surprise you:

1. Virtual Internships Value Cultural Immersion and Connection

Virtual internships, when done properly, allows for cross-cultural interactions and engagement even over Zoom. On one of our virtual internships, you’ll enjoy fun, interactive cultural components! While you will work independently on your projects, you will learn about the work culture in your host country, learn about your host organization, and then come together with fellow interns for weekly cultural workshops and buddy chats. Together, you will dive deep into complex topics like regional cultural differences and historical events, learn salsa dance over Zoom, or try cooking traditional dishes remotely! For additional cultural engagement you will chat with locals around your age, learn about each other’s lives, and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. You might be surprised by what you learn!

Ready to add some delicious dishes to your bucket list?

Virtual Internships - Cultural Workshops

I have been participating in fun cultural workshops and weekly buddy chats with my new friend in South Africa! This experience has helped me gain perspective, think creatively, and explore my interests. I have had a great experience with Kaya from the very beginning on my program and I would definitely recommend this internship! – Alexandra, NGO Business Development

Virtual Internships

2. Virtual Internships Allow for Low-Risk Exploration

Through a virtual internship you will also be able to explore a non-traditional destination that you’re curious about, but might not be ready to travel to yet. Or perhaps you would like to explore something entirely new, with no prior experience or knowledge necessary! Our virtual internships are low-risk and high-reward. Participants often develop new interests during their internships – in traveling, or in new career options. Many of them now wish to visit their host countries in the future, and some of them are already planning trips!

We’re excited that our virtual internships are broadening horizons in more ways than one, and convincing students to consider more diverse destinations for their experiences abroad!

So are you ready to explore something – or somewhere – new?

What would I say to someone who was looking to join a virtual internship? DO IT! This was not something that I had ever had on my radar before Covid-19, but I feel like it is a blessing in disguise that I have been able to gain work experience while also learning a different culture. – Emma, Public Relations

Virtual Internships - Market

I had wanted to do something environmental based and editing heavy. This experience really allowed me to have exactly that and let me see what possible career paths I could take. – Annie, Communications

3. Virtual Internships Promote Accessibility and Inclusivity

So last, but definitely not least, our virtual internships allow for professional and personal growth no matter the situation. They’re designed to be flexible, so they can fit into your busy schedule. They’re also a great option if you’re on a tight budget but still want to explore an international experience; or if you want to travel in the future, but can’t right now. Our virtual internships will equip you with skills that you can carry forward into future careers.

So, are you ready to take the leap?

I love my non-profit organization that I am working with! My ultimate goal is to be a practicing physician, and this has been a perfect mix of observing/learning about clinical care while also learning much more about public health education! – Olivia, Public Health

Virtual Internships - South Africa

I honestly think that this project was almost perfect when looking back at it in retrospect; it allowed me to incorporate public health and gender studies in an international setting […] and to become proficient in remote communication, project-based work, international social networking, and much more. – Matt, NGO Business Development

Ready to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about our virtual internships, read up on them here, or read our blog post, Are Virtual Internships Worth It? Feedback From Kaya Participants. Learn more about your options and discuss specific potential placements by connecting with one of our placement advisors using the chat now feature, or by emailing them here.

Check out our webinar about virtual internships, too!


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