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How Can I Help the Environment by Promoting Sustainability

How to help the environment, you ask? There are many ways to help this earth day. But, of course, we believe in the value of assisting existing conservation initiatives, either as volunteers or intern. Whether you’re protecting endangered forest systems or doing research to better understand the impacts of climate change, conservation is a crucial part of celebrating the world!

And, of course, part of traveling responsibly means vetting the organizations you choose to promote, but luckily, we’ve already done that for you! At Kaya, we work in three key areas, and some of our programs span multiple fields! So check out the options below.

How to Help the Environment Through Environmental Conservation

Do you want to help the environment by taking action against climate change? Or restoring ecosystem function? What about learning from communities that grow their own food sustainably, for the preservation of cultural heritage and the natural world? We have a range of options available, and we’d love to help you find your dream placement.

How can I help the environment? Environmental conservation

How to Help the Environment Through Wildlife Conservation

So, have you always dreamed of working with animals? Or, more specifically, do you want to help endangered animals? These are all great ways to help the environment, for, as we all know, everything is connected in nature. Biodiversity is threatened for a whole host of reasons, and animals around the globe need help repairing themselves and their habitats. We have pre-veterinary and veterinary placements, opportunities for research, and conservation that targets single species, like turtle conservation or lion conservation.

How can I help the environment? Wildlife conservation

How to Help the Environment Through Marine Conservation

Another great way to help the environment is to volunteer or intern on a marine conservation initiative. If you’re interested in marine science, we have incredible placements for you. Want to learn about and engage in hands-on coral reef conservation in Belize? And help spear invasive lionfish? Or would you like to get scuba certified while engaging in research and swimming with whale sharks?

How can I help the environment? Marine conservation

You can make a difference and help the environment in so many ways, so think about which way is right for you.

If you have a particular focus or location in mind, or if you’re a student looking to fulfill a research project, speak with one of our Placement Advisors to learn more about your options. They’re well-traveled and experienced, and ready to chat!

How Can I Travel Responsibly?

So you have some ideas of how to help the environment now, right? Maybe you even have an exciting program in mind! But how do you travel responsibly? What should you consider? First of all, we’re big proponents of travel (obviously). Basically, we believe the benefits to conservation far outweigh the costs. What do we mean by that?

First off, there’s the benefit of engaging with another culture. Sometimes helping the environment means remaining open to cultural differences and local communities. Engaging meaningfully with cultures other than our own helps us shift our perspectives so we can become citizens of the world. And we can only really tackle conservation together, as a community!

Travel, in general, matters because it opens our eyes. Experiencing the biodiversity of the Amazon can push individuals to commit to the cause of conservation. And every culture is somehow rooted in its surrounding environment.

So are you ready to explore and experience this amazing planet and its connectedness for yourself? Check out some resources below, so you can be sure to travel responsibly, with cultural and environmental consciousness!

What Is Responsible Travel? Why Is It So Important?

Responsible travel means traveling in ways that minimize negative impacts, such as plastic pollution in local communities and the environment. It’s crucial because it preserves natural resources, supports local economies, and fosters cultural appreciation. By practicing responsible travel, we can contribute to sustainable and ethical tourism practices.

Where Can I Travel Right Now to Help the Environment?

Well, lots of places! We wrote a whole blog about the programs that are available for travel right now. As you can see, there are lots of options for environmental, wildlife and marine conservation programs.

Read more about what our Covid-19 safety protocols.

You might also be wondering: Will my experience abroad still be meaningful? And will it still be worthwhile, or rewarding? Since Covid-19, we’ve seen an even greater need for environmental, wildlife and marine conservation interns and volunteers. Facilities are short-staffed, and any additional support is greatly valued and appreciated. Your experience abroad will be different, of course. But in some ways, you may have a more intimate experience, with more chances for one-on-one connection. 

How can I help the environment? Save the turtles

To hear more about our available conservation programs, please connect with one of our friendly placement advisors by using the “chat now” feature, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite. We hope to see you out there soon!


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