Kaya Program Options for 2021

Updated February 16, 2021

For those looking to return to travel as soon as possible, we have made it easier to search for available Kaya program options for 2021. The following projects are now open and accepting applications! Our Placement Advisors are standing by to help guide you through gap year travel, study & service, internship abroad and volunteer abroad opportunities.

As we prepare for a responsible return to travel, our priority is safety. We care deeply about the safety of both our participants and our host communities on the ground. With that in mind, we have developed and implemented extensive plans for selected projects in The Americas, Africa, and Asia where we can safely continue to carry out important work with our participants. You can learn about our reopening plans here.

After you submit your application fee and talk to a Placement Advisor, You can make plans with no further payment required until travel to your location is possible and you decide to proceed. You can learn about Kaya’s Amended Coronavirus Terms (Kaya ACT) here.

Kaya’s Placement Advisors are standing by to help you from start to finish. Reach out to us today and learn more about your program options. No commitment needed!

Not ready to travel until 2022 or beyond? That’s okay! You can still apply and plan now, and you won’t be limited to the projects on this list. And don’t worry, we’re still offering our Virtual Internships in Ecuador, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam to start off your global experience from home!


Select projects will be available in 2021 in the following countries. Scroll down further to discover all of the placements currently available or opening soon, including internships and volunteer opportunities. Then, reach out to start planning.

Can I travel to these locations? We have focused our project reopenings in locations where borders are open (or in the process of reopening) to international arrivals. They will all have some restrictions, ranging from negative Covid-19 tests to quarantine periods, and there may be some nationalities that are still restricted from entry. UK citizens may be subject to government quarantine with additional fees upon return from certain countries. We are also focused on locations where the incidents of Covid-19 are lower or better managed (many have far fewer cases than in our home countries), where we can manage safety aspects better. Speak to our team to discuss the locations that work best for you.

*These countries are on the UK red list.


What can I do on a program abroad in 2021? At Kaya, we offer a variety of programs: gap year programs, study & service combinations, internships abroad, and volunteer abroad placements! And in 2021 these will all still be on offer. As our mission is to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic development, empower communities and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens, we have a range of programs on offer. Here are the program options available and open for applications for 2021.

Gap Year Programs

Deadlines Upcoming

Make your gap year your own! We have many gap year programs to choose from. For example, you could take a short gap year this summer to learn about historical restoration in the USA, or you could study abroad and volunteer or intern in Thailand. Join one of these small groups or travel solo (with support of course)!

Study and Service Programs

Deadlines Upcoming

In line with our mission, our Study Abroad programs take it to the next level! Add in a service-learning or an internship project after your studies for a well-rounded experience that also gives back to the community. You will earn transferable credit from an accredited international university that will make your resume shine!

Internships and Volunteering Programs Abroad

Rolling Start Dates

The following internships and service-learning programs are recruiting for travel starting in spring or summer 2021, unless otherwise noted. Click the individual project links to learn more.

Many of our projects can be adapted to suit your university’s specific internship requirements. Speak with one of our Placement Advisors to help find a great fit for your academic needs. If it’s an option, we can work with you to customize the experience so you can earn credit.

Looking for a specific type of program in a particular location or field? Reach out and we can help you with your search.


Programs in Africa







South Africa



Noticing a theme? Environmental, wildlife and marine conservation projects are a natural fit for social distancing and other Covid-19 protocols that keep you and local communities safe. If you don’t see something in your field, be sure to reach out.
Not Ready to Travel Yet? That’s okay. You can apply and make future plans to your heart’s content. You won’t be responsible for your Confirmation Payment until travel is possible and you commit to a departure date. We expect to have even more projects reopening in 2022. In the meantime, consider joining us on a Virtual Internship where you can gain international experience in your field and engage in cross-cultural exchange, with discounts on future travel with Kaya!
To learn more about your options, reach out and email us! One of our Placement Advisors will contact you and get the ball rolling. We can’t wait to help you find a fun, responsible, cross-cultural experience!


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Kaya Program Options for 2021

Updated February 16, 2021 For those looking to return to travel as soon as possible, we have made it easier to search for available Kaya program options for 2021. The following projects are now open and accepting applications! Our Placement Advisors are standing by to...

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