Jacob’s Ecuador Experience

Jacob L.
Volunteer Name:Jacob L.
Project Attended:Fair Trade Internship in the Amazon Rainforest
Country Attended:Ecuador


“Everything is going great in Ecuador. It is a totally different world out here but I have made the adjustments to living here. This complete experience is something I will never forget. I have been doing some labor with my host family dad by helping construct a house. I have also been doing research for the cacao and chocho bean down here as well. I have four more weeks to make the most of my time down here so I hope to do some traveling around Ecuador the next weeks. Limited internet and cellular reception is another challenge that I have had to overcome in Ecuador but it I have enjoyed the peace of mind.”

“The closeness and love my family showed me and the way I depended on them everyday is something I will take with me forever. It is clear that we experience different struggles in life but I believe that there is true beauty in the village of Shandia and the way they handle adversity.”