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Mahbubur’s Philippines Experience

Mahbubur R.
Volunteer Name:Mahbubur R.
Project Attended:Work in a Young Offenders Rehabilitation Centre
Country Attended:Philippines


“Wanted to say thanks at the end of our long volunteer placement of 4 months. It’s impossible to sum up all the things I’ve learned personally.

Both of us now have a greater understanding of the aid and development sector, and realised that Kaya really is one of the better operators in the business. There are many horror stories out there of unscrupulous companies putting volunteers in positions they are not ready for or right for!

I won’t go into all the in’s and out’s of our work and homestay, where there were plenty of positives (and a few negatives, realistically!). But I really wanted to say thank you for what has been a great opportunity and one that we will tell people about for a long time.

In the future (maybe 2017-18), I might approach Kaya again because I may at that point be interested in doing one of your Ghana projects, and I am hoping that I will learn as much about the West African environment as I did about the Philippines this time.”