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Yasmina’s Costa Rica Experience

Yasmina M.
Volunteer Name:Yasmina M.
Project Attended:Volunteering for teenagers
Country Attended:Costa Rica
Volunteer Bio:I was born in Italy, where I currently live. I'm 17 years old and I'm about to start my last year of high school.
What task on your project did you most enjoy? Taking care of the turtles at the clinic.
What was your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement must have been to work in a totally natural environment, which is something I'm not used to.
Do you feel you made a difference? I feel like I made a difference mostly because of what the owner of the clinic said; that every volunteer that goes there to help her was a precious help and that she would never have done all the things she did without their help. I felt like I was working a lot and since I came to do that I was very proud of myself at the end of this journey.
What advice would you give future participants? Be careful when you walk in narrow places because there could be spiders.
What was your most memorable moment? When I realised that turtles were way more intelligent than what people think and when I found a way to feed a turtle that wasn't eating enough.
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“You should sign up with Kaya because it is very well organised and controlled. People are going to make sure you’re alright and will help you to get to know the place you’re in much better. You will often be in contact with the locals as well. This will allow you to learn the language you’re studying better and teach you so many cultural facts of the country you’re in.”