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How we can work with gap year advisors and school counsellors!

As an advisor or schools counsellor, you’ll be searching for gap year adventures that are suitable for your gap year candidate. At Kaya, we believe this is particularly important.

Creating the Perfect Gap Year

We match each and every one of our volunteers to a project that does not only appeal to their interests, but also to projects that will genuinely benefit from their skill set and participation. This means that we can work together to create a tailored gap year across multiple countries that can include coursework volunteering, interning, study abroad or facilitated studies. Kaya currently offers 29 countries within 3 continents for budding travellers to pick and choose from, allowing them to benefit from discounts for each project they sign up for.

Our Placement Advisors

The role of our placement advisors allows for them to act as a go-between for each of our volunteers. This will be useful for gap year advisors as Kaya can help coordinate updates on the progress of gap year volunteers, ensuring everything is going as planned.

Our Projects

Our mission is to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic development, empower communities and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens through responsible travel. The volunteer projects we have on offer may expose candidates to some areas where resources are scarce; depending on what projects they work on. With Kaya, gap year participants will be able to gain a deeper understanding of what life is like in other cultures whilst giving back to those in need, making us a reliable recommendation to those considering a gap year.

Our Internships

Alongside the wide variety of projects Kaya has on offer, gap year students also have the prospect of embarking on an internship. The great thing about incorporating one of Kaya’s internship programmes into your candidate’s gap year plans is that simple facts that they will be making a difference by providing the community or environment with genuine benefits. Not only that, but an internship allows for them to gain valuable work experience in their field of interest, which could help them in terms of employment, or determine their own career path, once their gap year comes to an end.

Study Abroad Options

Alternatively, there is the option for travellers to study abroad whilst taking a gap year with Kaya. As a study abroad student, the Gap Year participant will be able to experience what it is like in a foreign classroom within a new culture on a course relating to culture, language, international relations, business or another available subject. Our study abroad options also feature out of class learning projects, where those on their gap year can participate in a 2 – 6 week volunteer project once classes have ended.

Independent Studies Options

We have a few projects that provides a great venue for students looking to do their dissertation, senior thesis or facilitated research.

The projects have a variety of research options whether the participant is interested in disciplines like conservation, wildlife, community development, ecology, law or human rights. Our advisors will be able to work with you and your participant once they know what they want to study.

Our Project Types

Kaya offers six different projects types stretched across three continents, so your client will be sure to find a project(s) suitable to their interests, their skill set and where in the world they want to travel to. They can choose from: 1) Healthcare & medical placements, which include projects focused on public health, therapy, nutrition or clinical. 2) Education placements for adults, children and those with special needs. 3) Conservation projects, which feature projects involved with animal, marine or environmental conservation. 4) Community development projects in building, childcare, community work, sports or women’s empowerment. 5) Business volunteer projects which focused on finance, marketing and social media, media and journalism, or NGO development. 6) Arts placements that cover projects in the field of creative arts, music and dance, or film and photography.

With such a broad range of projects available, which can be combined with Kaya’s study abroad services and internships, we will be able to work together to create the gap year experience of a lifetime which also makes a beneficial differences to the communities and ecosystems around the world.