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GCSE and A-Level results – What Next?

Have you just received your GCSE or A-level exam results? Whether you did great or not as good as you hoped, there are still pathways you can choose from that will help you achieve your future ambitions. Volunteering abroad is just one way you can gain unique experience in an area that interests you.

It might be a scary thought at the age of 16 or 17, but volunteering abroad on one of our under 18’s projects is a great way to improve your confidence and meet new friends. You can contribute to something really worthwhile. Plus, you’ll be able to spread the word about the importance of volunteering when you’re back home and inform your friends and family about all the activities you participated in.

You may think you need a precise skill set to volunteer with us, but you’d be surprised. We offer a wide variety of volunteer projects and with the help from our experienced placement advisors, you will be matched to a project that is suitable to your abilities, and to a project that excites you.

Here are a few great ways volunteering abroad can help you achieve your goals:

Jazz up your CV!

Perhaps you’re heading into the working world after receiving your A-level results? Volunteering on one of our projects in the holidays, or taking a gap-year (from 3 months to a year) will allow you to gain invaluable hands-on experience in your field of interest. Having something like that on your CV will be sure to blow rival applicants out of the water, helping you to land your dream role.

Ace your personal statement!

If you’re going to apply to study at university, you’ll need to write a personal statement. Selling yourself to your perfect university will be no problem if you’ve volunteered abroad. Universities will notice that you have you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, which is highly regarded. You might even gain hands on experience in your chosen field of study if you choose a project relating to the course you have applied for, which shows your commitment and interest in the subject.

This is something to consider for those of you receiving your GCSE results and are heading off to college. If you make the decision to volunteer abroad now, then you will be able to fundraise and plan your trip for summer 2018!

Find the career path of your dreams!

Do you already know what career path you want to take? Making the decision to go to college or university can be a hard one for those who are still unsure on what they want to study. Volunteering abroad on one of our projects can help you to zone in on what you want to do as a career. It could even turn your head completely towards another path that you might’ve not even considered! Those of you who have received you’re A-level results can take a gap year with Kaya before heading off to university. For those who have their GCSE results, why not plan a volunteering adventure for summer 2018 to help you make an informed decision about your chosen career path.

If you’ve received your GCSE or A-level exam results and you’re interested in volunteering on one of our programs, take a look at our Under 18’s page to find what type of project you’d like to work on. If you’d like some more information, then feel free to request a call back or more information from our placement advisors.