Kaya’s Fundraiser for Urgent Oxygen Production in Nepal

Nepal’s COVID-19 cases has reached over 680 thousands for the entire country counting around 30 million people. The lack of liquid oxygen in Nepal has been a huge issue during the second wave of infection and could be more catastrophic in the event of a third wave. Help Kaya fundraise for Nepal!

Donate and help fundraise for Nepal through Kaya’s Site Director

Nepal’s COVID-19 cases have reached over 680 thousand for the entire country counting around 30 million people. The lack of liquid oxygen in Nepal has been a huge issue during the second wave of infection and could be more catastrophic in the event of a third wave.

As a result, Nepal is currently facing a medical and humanitarian crisis due to the coronavirus. As a percentage of the population, the pandemic is actually worse in Nepal than in India. Nepal’s medical infrastructure was completely unprepared for the latest Delta variant of the virus.

The number one problem hospitals are facing is a lack of oxygen. Hospitals are sitting with empty beds because people cannot be admitted if there are no oxygen to be provided to the patients. People that are sick are waiting in the corridors for a bed with oxygen to be free for them to get properly treated. And some end up dying due to this lack of oxygen. The current capacity of the country to produce cylinders of medical grade oxygen is about 8,000 cylinders a day. The demand for cylinders during the second wave has been 15,000 and raising!

Oxygen plants in Nepal cannot produce anywhere near enough to meet the demand, and importing oxygen is very difficult and expensive for landlocked Nepal. The hospital system is overwhelmed due to this lack of oxygen, but without more capacity to produce medical grade oxygen, hospitals are having to send people home with no treatment and very little hope.

Kaya’s site director is now looking at ways to fundraise for Nepal and to assist with this medical and humanitarian crisis. One of the objectives is for the local NGO to purchase an oxygen plant and work with the local Kathmandu hospital to provide oxygen to 100% of its beds. Kaya’s site director is working with the hospital director himself on this endeavor. And there is already a very generous anonymous matching donor for every dollar given. So help fundraise for Nepal!

On this occasion, Kaya has partnered with the GoAbroad Foundation to help fundraise for this initiative in Nepal. The total cost is $70,000, so every little bit helps!

Your donation is tax-deductible

The GoAbroad Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation based in Fort Collins, Colorado.
If you would like to donate to this initiative, follow this link.

Our local site Director and local community would appreciate any support you can provide, no matter how small. Note that 100% of donations go directly to the community organizations

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