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Matteo’s South Africa Experience

Matteo B.
Volunteer Name:Matteo B.
Project Attended:Volunteer with the Big 5 in Port Elizabeth
Country Attended:South Africa
Can you tell us a bit more about your role(s) on the program? My volunteer role was to maintain the animal’s reserve and monitoring.
How do you feel that you benefitted personally from taking part in the program? I benefited from the opportunity to observe the big 5, to know people from the world and to make my contribution.
Did you get to see many sights in the local area during your free time? Yes, there were many attractions outside the reserve.
What were the highlights of your experience overall? The friendship I had with the other volunteers.
What would you say to others thinking of volunteering in South Africa? I would say that it is an unforgettable and overwhelming experience.


“Travelling as a volunteer you can contribute by working on local problems, while as a tourist you are just a spectator.”