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5 reasons to try solo travel this year!

Solo Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences and best ways to get to know yourself. It is empowering and a challenge all at the same time! Here are our top 5 reasons to go it alone and try your hand at solo traveling this year!

Learn about your strengths & weaknesses, and reinvent yourself in the process.

You may never know your full capabilities until you travel alone, particularly on a volunteer or intern abroad placement. Joining a program as a solo traveler allows you to explore your passions or career options and gives you time to reflect on what you are learning about your project and yourself.


Ain’t no freedom like solo travel freedom!

Although it can be great to travel with friends, there’s nothing quite like the freedom that comes with solo travel. There’s no holding back. Do things on your own terms – no compromises, no waiting. You decide what you want to do, where you want to go, eat new foods, and travel off the beaten path. This is particularly important if you want to use your travels to work on your resume!


Solo travel = Budget friendly. 

Budgeting is a huge part of traveling, and a skill a lot of people learn while they travel. One great thing about solo travel is that it is so much easier to stick to a budget because you only have to spend money on the things you want to (or splurge on the important things!). If you are looking for some advice on how to fund your travels check out our blog post on fundraising and keep an eye on our scholarship page!


Don’t Mind the Gap! 

Fit in at the last table in a restaurant, last seat on a train or bus, or purchase the only ticket left to a performance you want to see. You might even receive some unintentional VIP treatment or one-to-one guidance if you sign up to classes and excursions alone.


The new friends and other solo travelers you meet along the way make it worth it. 

Traveling alone might feel like a giant leap out of your comfort zone but it won’t be long before you meet others in the same position. The connections you will make with other solo travelers and local people from the communities you visit will leave you with life long friends (and some handy local knowledge!).

Why volunteer or intern abroad as a solo traveler? 

At Kaya, we offer placements for as little as 2 weeks all the way through to Gap Years (no matter your age!). These are great options if you’re not quite ready to explore the world entirely on your own, especially if you are a first-time traveler or an under-18. By providing amenities, most meals, and onsite support Kaya can help relieve some stressors and logistics of getting to where you want to go. This allows you to embrace your independence and adventurous spirit within your projects or even on solo evening and weekend adventures within the communities you visit.

We also know our projects and locations so well that we can advise you on LGBTQ friendly countries, advice for female solo travelers, and support for any health concerns you may have. Don’t let anything stand in your way!

Ready to explore the world on your own?

Start your next, or FIRST, solo traveling adventure today! Some of our locations which have been voted some of the safest and friendliest by travel sites and fellow bloggers for solo traveling include:

Explore: Construction in rural Cambodia

Explore: Elephant & Community Water Access Project in Namibia

Explore: Work in a Rural Health Clinic in the Philippines

Explore: Teaching and Community Volunteer Work in Zanzibar

Explore: Gibbon Conservation and Rescue Sanctuary Volunteering

Explore: Social Work Internship in Vietnam


Our expert placement advisors are on hand to match you to your perfect project so why not chat to them today and get started?