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Special Needs Therapy Internship in Peru

Intern in a special education centre in Peru that supports children age 3 to 20 by providing them special education geared to their specific needs

Multimedia Internship in Peru

Multimedia internship in Peru to develop your CV/resume and help while supporting biodiversity conservation

Veterinary Internship in Ecuador

Join us as on this veterinary internship in Ecuador and contribute to improving the welfare of wildlife while developing your CV/Resume

Girl & Women Empowerment in Zambia

Girl and women empowerment volunteering in Zambia offers the opportunity to increase access to education, sport, livelihoods and more.

Nutrition Internship in Eswatini

Develop and share your knowledge of healthy eating, cooking methods and the impact of diet on childhood development and growth by joining this nutrition internship in Swaziland.

Microfinance Internship in Ghana

Use your business and financial skills to empower local women and youth by doing this Microfinance Internship in Ghana and contribute to local economies.

Fair Trade Internship in Ecuador

Join our Fair Trade Internship in Ecuador and work with a local sustainable environmental project that helps alleviate poverty locally.