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Joining Kaya’s Indian Summer for Teens Volunteer Programme

I am so excited by the new Indian Summer for Teens programme that I have been working on recently.  My teenage years have long since passed but if I was aged 13-18 then I would be signing up for Kaya’s new teenage volunteer programme (or at least trying very hard to persuade my parents what a fabulous idea it is to send me to India for 4 weeks!).

As a teenager I would have loved the opportunity to travel somewhere as interesting and exciting as India during the long, often not that inspiring, summer holidays.  Making new friends from around the world, being introduced to the world of henna, yoga, spices and cows and becoming an international volunteer would have given me a life changing experience.  Admittedly, I would’ve been a little nervous initially but joining a group of like-minded teenagers would’ve been amazing and the excitement of such an adventure would have overcome these fears.  I imagine time spent making new friends and exchanging stories about my experiences.  Spending time at an Indian school, staying with a homestay family and heading  to the beautiful Palampur on the overnight sleeper train to participate in a community volunteer placement would’ve been just some of my adventures.

I have realised, sadly, that my teenage years are no more but I am really hoping to explore India again later this year.  In the meantime, I will wait to see which adventurous teenagers sign up with Kaya and await their many stories on their return.  If you are a teenager, or know someone who desperately wants to see the world and is keen to become a global citizen, maybe it’s time to look into Kaya Responsible Travel’s Indian Summer for Teens programme.