If you are a teacher or student at a school or college and are looking for an opportunity for a group to develop global citizenship, learn more about an area of study or wish to become more independent then volunteering abroad with Kaya is the answer!

School and College Groups Projects

We want to encourage everyone to think about travelling responsibly and believe that the passion and willingness to help starts at any age! While the majority of our projects for individuals are only available to 18+, we are able to welcome and accommodate school and college volunteer groups on our projects when they are accompanied by a leader or teacher who is over 18.

Volunteering on a worthwhile project abroad as educational travel can help students become more global citizens and connect the world to their studies. Travel and service learning can teach more than a book and they only way to learn is to experience it firsthand. We can help to provide real insight into the struggles of daily life in developing nations, the issues projets are facing and immersive cultural opportunities. The projects themselves welcome groups as they bring youthful enthusiasm to the communities they work with.

Volunteering allows students to interact with the local people in a way that no other travelling experience can. Whether you are on a building project alongside locals working together as a team to improve community facilities, assisting local teachers in the classroom, or taking part in reforestation, the volunteering experience will give you and your students an insight into a culture that would just not be possible by simply visiting as a tourist.

One of the most important aspects is that our projects are evaluated for safety and we have health and safety procedures in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of volunteers. At Kaya, groups taking part in our structured program will be supported by local coordinators who have experience welcoming overseas volunteer groups as well as addressing any concerns or needs of the volunteers onsite. This helps to provide a meaningful experience whilst having the peace of mind that there is 24/7 support and guidance.

For our groups we design tailor-made itineraries accommodating the goals and interests of the group as well as ensuring the needs of the project are met.  We understand that arranging a group volunteer placement for your school or college is something that takes a lot of organization and forward planning.  This is where Kaya steps in to ensure that that the needs of the group are taken care of upfront. We work closely with all our groups and take the time to ensure that all arrangements are satisfactory to the group’s needs and objectives.

If you are interested in what options are available and how your group can make a difference, please do not hesitate to reach out to a Kaya representative. We are able to provide sample itineraries, and budgets for your group, in addition to tailoring the program to your groups needs. Do not wait to make a difference – do it now!


To request a group proposal and quote that is customized to your requirements, click the button and please complete the group program questionnaire.

Volunteer with the Big 5 in Port Elizabeth
Volunteer and have an amazing time working on this game reserve in Port Elizabeth. Work with South Africa's big 5: lion, African elephant, cape buffalo, rhino and leopard.
Empower Women On A Sustainable Agriculture Initiative in Nepal
Volunteer in Nepal and empower Nepalese women through sustainable agriculture, providing them with the ability to support themselves and their children.
Marine, Whale Shark and Manta Ray Conservation including Padi Diving Course in Mozambique
Volunteer in Mozambique with hands-on whale shark research, coral reef monitoring, humpbacked whale monitoring and turtle nest surveys.
Healthy Kitchens Volunteering in Peru
Join us in supporting local families by addressing hygiene and sanitation issues by working on our healthy kitchens volunteering in Peru project.
Volunteer in Rural Health Clinics in Belize
Volunteer in Belize in rural health clinics that serve the less affluent citizens of rural communities surrounding San Ignacio, who lack access to health professionals and treatment.
Sports Volunteering Abroad in Swaziland
Become a sports coach and volunteer in Swaziland. Coach disadvantaged children to play football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, netball and more.
Environmental Conservation in the North Island, New Zealand
Volunteer on a project that preserves and restoring New Zealand’s natural beauty through habitat monitoring, heritage restoration, planting and more
Sustainable Economic and Community Development in Ecuador
Volunteer in Ecuador on an economic and community development initiative to help families preserve their values, culture and environment and create sustainable livelihoods.
Build a Sustainable Home for Orphans in Belize
Build a Sustainable Home for Orphans in Belize and support children prepare for adulthood, while immersing them in sustainability initiatives.
Mobile Literacy Development in Ghana
Come and volunteer in Ghana to work with project whose mission is to provide access to books and to increase the reading skills of children and adults through the provision of a mobile literacy unit.
Learn Spanish in Peru
Learn Spanish abroad with Kaya in the beautiful colonial setting of Cusco, Peru.
Medical Spanish Language Course
We’ve got the perfect program for medical students and professionals who want healthcare experience abroad.

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