LGBTQ+ Rights and Social Justice Projects

If you’re looking to promote LGBTQ+ rights and social justice around the world, learn from local organizations tackling issues in their communities, and help LGBTQ+ communities abroad, sit tight, because we’re featuring some incredible projects!

Equal Rights for LGBTQ+

Social Justice and LGBTQ+ Rights Internship in Ecuador

Travel to beautiful Ecuador and celebrate diversity as you work with Kaya as a social justice intern and help promote LGBTQ+ rights! Specifically, you’ll assist local organizations as they work towards the equal distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within Ecuadorian society.

Depending on your interests and skills, you can choose to work with a local organization that promotes LGBTQ+ rights, housing rights, nature rights, and/or gender rights. Additionally, this program offers a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in areas such as social work, human rights, psychology, research, communications and non-profit development, depending on your future career aspirations and passions. Chat with one of our Placement Advisors so we can find you the right fit!


LGBTQ+ Pride

LGBTQ+ Rights and NGO Development Internship in Thailand

Join us and promote LGBTQ+ rights and other at-risk groups in the city of Chiang Mai!

While Thailand is more accepting than most other countries around the world, the LGBTQ+ community there still faces discrimination. Prejudice at schools and in the workplace is still widespread, and there aren’t any rights for those in same sex marriages. In Chiang Mai, HIV rates are on the rise, and there are large numbers of transgender men and women as well as sex workers and other at-risk groups.

This local NGO promotes inclusion through education and offers testing and counseling at schools, spas, saunas and bars. The aim is to improve acceptance by others and encourage safe sex practices, reducing teenage pregnancy in the process. Rights and safe sex messages are important to the organization and activities include HIV/AIDS outreach, education, treatment and prevention as well as advocacy.

If this sounds like an organization you wish to learn from and support, reach out so we can discuss your options!


Supporting LGBTQ+ Communities

Virtual Internships Promoting LGBTQ+ Rights and Social Justice

If you’re looking for a virtual internship focused on promoting LGBTQ+ rights, we have a number of them available!

Read up on the benefits of a virtual internship here, and keep in mind that our internships also include cultural components to help you learn about your host country. If you would like to learn more about the options available, reach out to our Placement Advisors today or use the Chat Now feature on our website.

We have LGBTQ+ Rights and Gender Violence Virtual Internships available in Ecuador, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam

The virtual internship has been going great. I finished a draft of the mental health guideline that focuses on peer support for transgender individuals in Vietnam. Weeks leading up to the product have been filled with literature research and many discussions with LGBTQ+ activists at my host organization. Next week, I will be talking to my supervisor about where this guideline is going and how they plan to directly use it in the future. It is sad that this experience is coming to an end, but it has definitely changed me for the better! -John, Virtual Intern in Vietnam

Resources for LGBTQ+ Travelers

Resources for LGBTQ+ Travelers

If you’re a prospective LGBTQ+ traveler, whether you’re interested in an LGBTQ+ rights or social justice internship or another subject, we have compiled some amazing resources to help inform and improve your time abroad. Even if you’re interested in a virtual internship, we would highly recommend reading up on the rights and cultural views of LGBTQ+ communities in your prospective host country so you can get the most out of your experience!

Because we are such a small organization, we are able to provide personalized support. We greatly value one-on-one connections and our Kaya community. For example, before you even reserve a space on one of our projects, we would love to chat with you one-on-one about your goals, interests, concerns and everything in between, so you can be sure to choose the right program for you.

If you do decide to travel abroad with us, we will provide you with details about your host country, including a Welcome Pack and My Identity documents. And of course, on the ground, we’re here to support you 24/7! If you have any questions about the guidance and support we provide our LGBTQ+ participants, we would love to chat!

To learn more about these projects, connect with one of our friendly Placement Advisors using the Chat Now feature, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.


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