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Are you on a budget but still want to volunteer?

If you want to volunteer abroad, but are restricted to a tight budget, then this is the blog for you. Here you will find the cheapest 2020 Kaya projects, categorized by area of interests. There is likely to be a project listed here that takes your fancy, and won’t break the bank!

Environmental Conservation

A hot topic in today’s world! For those who are passionate about the preservation of our environment will be able to volunteer/intern on our projects in South Africa or New Zealand. For just £865 ($1350), you could spend a week volunteering on our Tree Planting Eco Festival project in South Africa. Here you will work with local communities on issues such as reforestation, recycling and permaculture. Alternatively, you could venture to the North or South island of New Zealand for one week to participate in vital Environmental Conservation work preserving and restoring the country’s unique, natural beauty and the habitat of its vulnerable wildlife for £733 ($1145). Another great option for those on a budget but looking for an extended stay is our Urban Greening and Horticulture Internship based in South Africa. For £1944 ($3035) you can spend 8 weeks promoting environmental awareness within African Communities, combat Climate Change and develop your own knowledge and skills.

Wildlife Conservation

Animal lovers on a budget can volunteer on projects based in Thailand, Zimbabwe or Sri Lanka with Kaya Responsible Travel. Believe it or not, you can still work with elephants whilst on a shoestring budget: for £1064 ($1660) you can spend a week on our Elephant Welfare project in Surin, Thailand. Here you will be part of creating a better life for captive elephants, free from abuse and contribute to the establishment of natural elephant tourism. Alternatively heard to the African continent and spend a week at our Wildlife Orphanage and Rescue Sanctuary in Zimbabwe. For £861 ($1344) get first hand experience of wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release in one of Africa’s oldest wildlife sanctuaries. If marine life is your passion, you can spend 2 weeks working on our Turtle Conservation project based in Sri Lanka for £893 ($1394) to help a local team protect five endangered species of turtle.


If working with communities is at the forefront of your interests then we have some great reasonably priced projects based in Bolivia, Nepal and the Philippines. You can volunteer for 4 weeks on our Construction and Animal Welfare project in Bolivia for £1099 ($1715). You will combine construction work with animal welfare at the city zoo by working to improve buildings and gardens of the children’s center on this project. Alternatively, you can spend 2 weeks volunteering in Nepal on a Women’s Empowerment Initiative for £1295 ($2021) to help women support themselves and their children. Another project you could volunteer on is our Building project based in the Philippines. For £953 ($1488) over 2 weeks, you will help with the ongoing enormous relief effort needed following Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013.


If you are a budding entrepreneur, a whizz with numbers or have a creative eye, then a Kaya business project could be a perfect fit for you. If you are interested in banking, accountancy or economics why not support poorer local people by joining our Microfinance volunteer placement in Peru. A 4-week program costs £1399 ($2184). For a longer 8-week placement consider our Media and Graphic Design Internship in South Africa for £1944 ($3035), where you will use your flair and passion to support a local NGO. If time is limited then our Economic Empowerment for Farmers Internship in Uganda would be a great shout, starting at £1246 ($1946) for 3 weeks. Play an important role and contribute to the expansion of local farming businesses. 


If you are interested in volunteering in the childcare sector, then we have some fantastic pocket friendly projects based in Vietnam and India. For £920 ($1437), you can spend 2 weeks in Vietnam working on our Community Volunteering Project where you will be supporting orphaned and disabled children. On the other hand, you could volunteer in India on our Child Development project for £920 ($1437) for 2 weeks. Help provide childcare to disadvantaged children and participate in a range of exciting activities essential to Indian culture.


On the teaching front, we have some interesting projects for a great price in Ghana, Cambodia or Costa Rica, for those who want to explore what it’s like to teach in different cultures. For example, we have a Teaching project in Ghana at £602 ($949) for 2 weeks. This placement provides participants with the opportunity to learn about the local community while sharing their knowledge and providing brighter prospects to the local students. Alternatively, our Teach English project in Cambodia help a rural impoverished community with vital education. You can get involved in this project for £828 (£1293) over the course of 2 weeks. Another teaching project for those on a budget is our Elementary Schools project based in Costa Rica, costing just £1248 ($1948) for a minimum of 3 weeks. This is a great project for those wanting to practice their Spanish and be immersed in Latin American culture.


Even if you are studying in the field of healthcare or nutrition and want to gain some practical experience, we have a project that will be in line with your budget. For £953 ($1488) you can spend 2 weeks on our Improve Nutritional Standards project based in the Philippines where you will learn about the challenges facing poorer communities. Alternatively, consider 2 weeks on our Hospital Volunteer Placement in Ghana for £1227 ($1915) and support doctors and nurses in a local hospital as they care for low-income patients. Perhaps, a Social Work program in Cambodia is the perfect fit for you. A 4-week placement starts at £1266 ($1976) and you will use your skills to build the capacity of Cambodian social workers in Siem Reap.


If sports are you main interest then we have some great budget options for you to choose from. In Bolivia, you can volunteer for a minimum of 4 weeks on our Sports Coaching project for £1099 ($1803). This project will enable you to promote gender equality and teamwork, and enlighten the locals about the importance of playing different sports. Another project you could volunteer on is our Sports project in Ghana. For £602 ($940) you can spend 2 weeks learning about the local community while sharing their knowledge and providing brighter prospects to the local athletes.

And there you have it! A breakdown of our best value projects that will go easy on the bank, but will still enable you to have a great volunteering experience and make this world a better place. For more information or to sign up for one of these, feel free to contact one of our placement advisors today by either requesting a call back or requesting more information.