Thinking about a change in your career or bored at work & just need a break from your old life? Then why not volunteer with Kaya on a project around the world.

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Thinking about a change in your career or bored at work & just need a break from your old life? Then why not volunteer with Kaya on a project around the world.

Borrower and volunteer sitting, Microfinance volunteer, Ghana


Thinking about a change in your career or bored at work & just need a break from your old life? Then why not volunteer with Kaya on a project around the world.

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Career Breakers Volunteers

If you are thinking about taking a career break, then why not travel the world and volunteer on a conservation or community project with Kaya.  Whatever your reasons for taking a career break we have plenty of options for you to choose from in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Your motives for taking a career break may be due to being bored at work, needing a break from your old life, being about to change in your career or even taking a sabbatical as a reward for long service by your company.  Spend your career break finding out who you really are, where your interests truly lie or doing something you have always dreamt of by volunteering on a project abroad.

While you may still be considering your options, taking a career break doesn’t need to ruin your career and a sabbatical can actively enhance your skills and employability in the workplace when you return. After all, in those all important next interviews, which of the many candidates all with equally impressive work credentials, will be remembered?  The one that worked with elephants in Namibia, that helped empower women in India, developed a microfinance programme in Ghana, and helped teach children of the market workers in Ecuador. That’s who!

Don’t let your successful career close doors for you. Whether you choose to work in your field of training, or want to do something entirely different to get away, there are projects out there where the help of a mature career breaker is invaluable. Kaya is here to offer you career break advice and help you kick start your new life today.  You will be working with a local team and this will allow you to develop your cross-cultural team working skills, and in many locations your language and communications skills.

Career breakers are ideal for many projects as they bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience with them as well as a level of maturity that is essential for some of the projects focusing on quite hard hitting issues. As an established worker you will have skills such as planning, working in a team, budgeting, and career planning all of which can be very useful to help projects organize themselves or to train people in communities. If you have other skills and experiences in areas such as nutrition, fund-raising, training, teaching, health, physiotherapy and many others you will also be highly desirable.

If you’re unsure where to start with your travel ideas, we’ve hand-picked our top projects for volunteers who are taking a break from their careers.  Alternatively, give one of our Kaya advisors a call and they will help you to narrow down your choices.

Multimedia Internship in Peru
Multimedia internship in Peru to develop your CV/resume and help while supporting biodiversity conservation
Environmental Conservation Internship in Peru
Environmental conservation internship in Peru to develop your CV/resume and help with scientific research
Events Planning Internship in Africa
Join this exciting events planning internship in Africa and develop your work, social and global citizenship skills
Facilitated Research Internship in Southern Africa
Join our Facilitated Research Internship in Southern Africa and develop your paper in a stunning context
Community Development Internship in Zimbabwe
Join our community Development Internship in Zimbabwe and learn how human wildlife conflict solutions help to secure futures
Videography and Photography Internship in Zimbabwe
Join our videography and photography internship in Victoria Falls to develop new skills
Girl and Women Empowerment Volunteering in Zambia
Girl and women empowerment volunteering in Zambia offers the opportunity to increase access to education, sport, livelihoods and more.
Microfinance for Economic Empowerment in Ghana
Bring your accounting or economics skills to Ghana to assist the local team with their micro-finance project which has already helped 120 Ghanaian women.
Small Business Development Internship in Africa
Share this small business development internship in South Africa to extend your CV/Resume while developing the capacity of a social enterprise.
Volunteer Support For Young Mothers In Peru
Volunteer in Cusco and support young mothers and their children in Peru.
Community Health and Home Based Care Volunteering in South Africa
Join us in St Lucia and bring your enthusiasm and willingness to help on this community health and home based care project.
Environmental Conservation in the North Island, New Zealand
Volunteer on a project that preserves and restoring New Zealand’s natural beauty through habitat monitoring, heritage restoration, planting and more

Easy 3-step application process


Click here to apply online and pay your deposit to secure your space on your chosen project. Our advisors will then contact you to guide you through the next steps.


Once we’ve received your application, we’ll be in touch to arrange your informal telephone interview with your Kaya Placement Advisor.


When you’ve been accepted onto your project we’ll send you your Welcome Pack and lots of other helpful information to assist you with preparing for your placement.


We pride ourselves on providing you high quality placement information throughout your application process and whilst on the ground. Connect with us if you have any questions.

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