For those with empty nests or starting plans for retirement, you know that the best days are still ahead so if you are seeking a new adventure volunteering abroad for the over 50s is just for you.

Over 50 volunteer working on an equine therapy volunteer project in Bolivia


For those with empty nests or starting plans for retirement, you know that the best days are still ahead so if you are seeking a new adventure volunteering abroad for the over 50s is just for you.

Volunteer Classroom Assistant Cambodia

Over 50’s Volunteers

Don’t let old-fashioned attitudes to age stop you making the most of your new-found time. Gone are the days of travelling being the preserve of the Gap Year student, so as older volunteers if you see your retirement as an opportunity to start fulfilling some of your dreams, then you are in the right place!

More and more retirees are now making the most of their spare time and are grasping hundreds of volunteer opportunities around the world. Now is the time to share your wealth of knowledge, life experience and most importantly time, with those truly in need of your skills, love and support. Whether you want to work in the field you have experience in for example business or healthcare, or want to try something completely new and different we have projects to suit you.

From Lion research and Conservation in Greater Kruger to supporting NGO development in Cambodia or working alongside Young Mothers in Peru, there are a great range of projects for you to choose from. Do something different as a retired volunteer and make a tangible change to the lives of others with your time, compassion and vitality.

For those of you that are happy to escape the confines of the office or your career, why not develop some entirely different skills?  You can develop your Spanish speaking skills in Costa Rica and our South American destinations, or learn how to dive on one of our marine conservation projects.  Alternatively, you could develop your love of photography by joining our wildlife project in the  fabulous Greater Kruger region.

As long as you are fit enough to travel and participate in the project work, you will be able to apply to the majority of our projects.  Ask the team if you would like advice on projects that are most appropriate for your specific needs.  We have many locations where we can arrange for you to have your own room, where the work is less physical or where you are more likely to meet other older volunteers, for example.

So begin your retirement on a really positive note and join us on a volunteering placement and start the next new and exciting phase of your life!

Check out this recording of a radio show hosted by Share Radio London, talking about the topic of “Travelling in retirement”. Our Kaya Director, Heilwig Jones was joined a panel of other guests covering travel topics specific to older travellers.

Gap Year: Wildlife Volunteering in Africa
Have a fantastic adventure during your Gap Year: and participate in Wildlife Volunteering in Africa placements, observing and helping lions, chimpanzees and dolphins in their habitats
Gap Year: Round the World On a Budget
Build interesting volunteering experiences to your itinerary, and meet like-minded new friends and get to know a country before venturing off on your travels
Gap Year: Environmental Conservation in Latin America
Use your gap year to explore some of the world’s most unchartered rain-forests and coastlines in Latin America on our environmental conservation project.
Gap Year: Community Volunteering in Asia
Grab the opportunity during your gap year travels and spend some of your time volunteering on a range of fascinating community projects in India, Thailand and the Philippines.
African Marine and Wildlife Volunteer Adventure Tour
Why not do a bit of everything on this 9 week volunteer and adventure tour that takes you to Mozambique, Swaziland and Kruger National Park in South Africa.
High Impact Outreach Community Project in Ghana
Come and volunteer in Ghana to create a high impact on local community initiatives.
Social Work Internship with Young Mothers in Peru
Intern in Cusco for a social centre that supports young mothers
Community Development Internship in Zimbabwe
Join our community Development Internship in Zimbabwe and learn how human wildlife conflict solutions help to secure futures
Videography and Photography Internship in Zimbabwe
Join our videography and photography internship in Victoria Falls to develop new skills
Elephant Research and Conservation Volunteering in Zambia
Spend time on elephant research and conservation volunteering in Zambia and gain an incredible insight into efforts to mitigate human wildlife conflict and learn about research
Film, Photography and Community Volunteering in Nepal
Film, Photography and Community Volunteering in Nepal for those with creative and practical skills to share to empower women in a rural community
Girl and Women Empowerment Volunteering in Zambia
Girl and women empowerment volunteering in Zambia offers the opportunity to increase access to education, sport, livelihoods and more.
Volunteer Support For Young Mothers In Peru
Volunteer in Cusco and support young mothers and their children in Peru.
Non-profit Development Internship in Ghana
Learn about non-profit management, community development, social media in promotion, event management and donor funding while experiencing local culture.
Elephant & Community Water Access Project in Namibia
Use your passion for elephants and observe them in their natural habitat and work on a project that is providing solutions to the elephant-human conflict.
NGO and Community Development in Siem Reap
There are numerous wonderful projects looking for the support of international volunteers to help with NGO and Community Development in Siem Reap.
Mobile Literacy Development in Ghana
Come and volunteer in Ghana to work with project whose mission is to provide access to books and to increase the reading skills of children and adults through the provision of a mobile literacy unit.

Easy 3-step application process


Click here to apply online and pay your deposit to secure your space on your chosen project. Our advisors will then contact you to guide you through the next steps.


Once we’ve received your application, we’ll be in touch to arrange your informal telephone interview with your Kaya Placement Advisor.


When you’ve been accepted onto your project we’ll send you your Welcome Pack and lots of other helpful information to assist you with preparing for your placement.


We pride ourselves on providing you high quality placement information throughout your application process and whilst on the ground. Connect with us if you have any questions.

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