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Under 18 Volunteer

Are you passionate, enthusiastic, and want to travel abroad to
see the world? Great – but there is one problem, right? You’re
not yet 18. Fear not as you have come to the right place to
realize your dreams! At Kaya, we have a number of projects
which you can volunteer on even if you are under 18. We now
accept 17 (and occasionally 16) year olds on a number of our
most popular projects. If you want to make all of your friends
jealous by jetting off to walk with lions, work in a children’s
centre, help to coach sports or teach underprivileged children,
then we have a project for you.

We have volunteer placements for under 18s in Central and
South America, Africa and Asia and you can be sure that with
Kaya, your age won’t stand in the way. We appreciate the
dedication and eagerness that younger volunteers can bring to
our projects and where possible, we lower our age limits to
allow 17 year olds to participate.

If you are aged 13-18 and feeling disappointed there is no need
to be. Why not join our Indian Summer for Teens project during
your summer holidays? It is a great opportunity for you to gain
an insight into the interests, lives and schooling of Indian
teenagers living in New Delhi through living with a home-stay
family. In addition, you will be able to participate in many
cultural activities, visit the beautiful Taj Mahal and participate in
community volunteering projects in Himachal Pradesh. If you are
a small group of friends or an individual in aged 13-18 or a
parent who thinks this is a great way for their teenager to spend
the summer contact one of our advisors.

What do you need to do to take part? All we need is a letter of
consent from a parent or guardian sent to us prior to your
departure for your volunteer project. If you are interested in
volunteering and are only 17, get in touch with one of our
advisors today and we’ll find a great project for you.

What’s more, if you’re under 18 but have a friend or family
member who is over 18 and will be volunteering with you, then,
for the vast majority of our projects, they can act as your legal
guardian so long as they sign a form to agree to do this.

We will expect a level of maturity from all our volunteers, and
regardless of age, everyone will be treated as, and expected to
behave as an adult. Remember as a volunteer you are there to
help others, and not to be tended to – but also know that in your
volunteering you will learn and grow in an amazing life-
changing experience.

Down the right-hand side of the page you will see a list of
projects. All of these accept 17 year old volunteers and some
accept 16 year old's. If the project you want to do isn't on this
list then don't worry, some of our other projects consider under
18 volunteers on a case-by-case basis so just let us know which
project you're interested in and we'll see what we can arrange
for you.

Don’t let your age stand between you and the world.